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It's All About Easier

What is EasierWeb?

EasierWeb is a hosted web site creation service for everyone. It takes the technical mystery out of web site building by providing a web-based interface with predictable results. You can quickly update the web site without anybody's help and see the result right away. Since you are using one of the predefined templates, there is no need to do your own design from scratch and still achieve superior presentation result.

Who should use EasierWeb

If one of the following descriptions fits you, you have come to the right place.

  • Nonprofit organization that needs to communicate with your members.
  • Small business that needs to publish your brochures and other marketing materials.
  • School teacher who needs to distribute class material and homework assignments.
  • Family member who wants to share information and pictures among relatives.
  • Any individual who simply wants to express your opinion or share your pictures with your friends.
  • Corporation of any size that needs to build intranet web pages for different departments.

What you don't need

With EasierWeb, you don't need any of the following,

  • Programming skills.
  • Web design experience.
  • Deal with web site hosting issues.
  • Somebody else to help you.

What can you do with EasierWeb

With EasierWeb, you can easily accomplish any of the following tasks,

  • Post articles directly on the web.
  • Post pictures as part of the page and/or part of a slide show.
  • Create discussion forums to allow member comment.
  • Manage your web site with ease.
  • Set permission for folders and pages.
  • View hits and other statistical data.

What is EasierWeb not?

EasierWeb is purposely designed not to be a full fledged web site creation tool. You can only arrange contents based on a predefined template. This means you will not be able to move content around the page anywhere you want. This limitation has effect, however, it gives predictable result and reasonable presentation. It is quick and simple.

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