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Usage Quota

Standard Usage Quota applies to the Basic Website Service. It is currently defined as follows.

Usage Limit
Storage Space 100 MB
Network Bandwidth 10 GB/month

Standard Usage Quota is set to allow our ordinary subscribers to enjoy the speedy and reliable services internet provides. So the quota itself is served as a safeguard for us to prevent any abusive usage of our services. Based on this, the quota, while changed from time to time to reflect the prevailing standards of usage on internet, is set to cover the usage of our typical subscribers.

Customized Usage Quota: If your usage exceeds the standard quota, it doesn't mean we will no longer welcome you to use our service. It is quite the contrary. It is good to have ability to attract attention from the general public on the web. When you have reached your standard quota, we will let you know and will arrange a reasonable and competitive fee-based Custumized Usage Quota for you.

The fee for Customized Usage Quote is comparible to the Standard Usage Quote, adjusted higher to reflect the additional cost.

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