Key Features

With EasierWeb, your content is organized in a number of folders. Within each folder there is a set of pages. Within each page, you can set it up to include one or more of the predefined featurelets. You can choose a template and a theme for web site.

In other words, the page contains the content; the pages are organized by the folders.

Entering Content

EasierWeb provides a simple way of creating and editing the content of a page. The content consists of the title and the text of the page, the images if any, and a series of featurelets if any.

Arranging Page in Folders

EasierWeb uses the concept of folders to organize page in an order that is meaningful to you and your audience.

Templates and Themes

EasierWeb provides a set of pre-built templates. Template is the layout of the page. Changing the template will change the position of different parts of the page. For each template, there are several themes you can pick from. A theme is a set of colors for different part of the page. By changing the theme, your site will look different in color, while the layout (template) of parts in the pages remains the same.


You can think of featurelets as being a box embedded inside your web page. Inside this box, it presents different features to you. The following list covers some basic features EasierWeb provides by default. It is possible to have customized features that only you would want to have. This can be arranged with EasierWeb's contract development business.

Text with Images

The Text with Images feature is most basic feature. It displays the text and/or images that you uploaded as the content of your page. If you remove this feature in a page, you are page will only show the title of the page and the content will be empty.

Photo album (Slide Show)

This is a implicit feature. Every time you insert an image to your page, you have the option of putting this image into a slide show. When you do, double clicking on the image will bring you to a slide show, where you can browse through all pictures that have loaded into this page.

Discussion Forum

If you include Discussion Forum in your page, you turn your page into a forum where your members can create and post their own comments and opinions on many different topics.

User Comments

User Comments are intended for letting your viewers comment on this page. It works very much like Discussion Forum.

Link Boxes

Ordinarily, your pages contains the article in text and maybe some images. The Link Boxes allow you to insert some boxes into your page and let you attach some additional information to assist your viewer and enrich the content. Inside the box, there can be a list of links to other pages, or simply a paragraph or two explaining certain important points the page is try to make. They can be also used to make the navigation of your web side easier, by pointing to a list of related pages and folders.


Weblog can turn your page and the folder that contains it into a blogger.

Pages in Folder

The Pages in Folder feature is a default link box that automatically displays the pages organized in the current folder.

Folder and Pages

The Folder and Pages feature is a default link box that automatically displays the pages in the current folder and its sub-folders.

Latest Updates

The Latest Updates feature is a default link box that automatically displays the last 20 pages that were updated recently. This gives your viewers a dynamic view of how your web site is updated.

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