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Give a name to your web site so people know how to call it.
Real Name: A "real name" is really the name for the web site. The reason we call it "real name" is because we try to distingush this name with the "site name", which is used a part of your web address.
Your web site's internet address
http://. A "site name" is meant for part of your web site address. Please do not use spaces in a site name. The only valid characters for this name are letters, numbers and a hyphen "-". Hyphens may be anywhere in the middle of the name, but can not be located at the end or beginning of the name.
This is optional. If you have registered an internet domain name, put it here.
Host Name: If you have register an internet domain name and want to use it for as your web site address, you can first configure the ip address to be our server's ip address, and then put the domain name here. When people use this domain name to request a page, it will go to your site. This is optional unless you want to have your won domain name instead of the sub-domain name out of
Choose character set.
Character Set: By default, your site will be using unicode as it character set. If your site is primarily in certain language and you think it displays the fonts better by switching to that language, make your choice here. WARNING: once the character set is decided, and data content is entered, switching to a different character set will make the existing content unreadable by the browse. Use with caution.
Select a template web site to start with.
Template site: You can select from a variaty of template web sites we created as the initial content of your web site. Don't worry about picking the wrong one. You will be able to change it and play with each of them after you create your web site.
Take a look at this template

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User Name: The user name is for the site owner (you) to use as a site administrator account.
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Password: The password is used to log in to your account.
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