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Easier-Care Web Site Service

Unlike Self-Service, Easier-Care Web Site Service helps you set up the web with minimal or no effort in your part.

We can provide our client with help in setup and/or routine maintenance afterwards. We tailor this service info the following categories:

  • Eaiser-Care Basic Service With this service, the client only needs help in expediting the initial setup of the Web site and can provide updates by themselves. Their usage is usually low and the resource consumed is below the Standard Usage Quota.
  • Easier-Care Business Service With this service, the client do not need to be involved in the Web building and updating process. The features to be included in the Web site are the existing Business Featurelets by EasierWeb and no customized components are required. The monthly update included in this service is one (1) hour. If the monthly update workload exceeds one hour, the service is available at $30 for each additional hour. The monthly resource usage is within five (5) times that of the Standard Usage Quota.
  • Easier-Care Customized Service With this service, the client need to create a web site that requires features currently not available from EasierWeb. In this case, we can build those features at our cost and provide them to the client in one customized package. Due to the nature of this customization, the setup and subscription fee will need to be quoted differently. Please call us for details.

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