Folders are used to contain one or more pages. You can have folders under any folder. Besides this, the folders are also use for the site menu. The menu is automatically set up from the folders under the root folder. Depending on which template you use, there could be more than one level of folders getting displayed in the menu. The menu is actually a convenient way of navigating through folders.

A folder would not have any content without a page. Each folder can have a default page. When you select a folder, from the menu or the tool box, the default page will be shown. When jump to any page of the web site, you also jump in to the folder that contains that page.

It is worth mentioning that in order to change the folder, you would need to be in at least the Author role.

To Get a List of Folders

Recipe: In the tool box, on the "Folder" line, click "FolderDir". The Folder Directory shows up.

Explain: The Folder Directory tells you the path of the current directory. In other words, it tells you where these folders are located. For each of the folders listed, you can click on the name to jump to the folder. The folder ID is also given next to the folder name. The folder ID is useful when you want to refer to this folder in the future.

To Add or Edit a Folder under the Current Folder

Recipe: In the tool box, on the "Folder" line, click "Add" or "Edit" to go to the Folder Editor. Fill in the fields and click on the "Submit" button.

Explain: The Folder Editor allows you to enter some basic information for this folder. First, enter the "Title" of the folder. This title will be displayed on different places in your site to identify this folder. It will also be used in the site menu, if this folder is under the root folder. In this case, you may want to watch out for the length of the title since it may not display the way you want. You can always come back and edit it later.

The "Exposure Level" lets you specify what level of users you want to let in. If the viewer has access this the level you specify here, it will see the title on the menu, otherwise it would show. Not all folders are for others to view, so you have your choice here.

The "Folder Display Sequence" defines the order in which the folder titles displayed on the menu. This is important because it impacts the usability of the page.

The "Folder Editors" lets you specify which user(s) who can play "Author" role can edit this folder. When you have more than one author editing folders and pages, sometime you don't want people to step on to each other. This option allows you "lock" the folder for a group of users and prevent other from editing it.

How Can I Move a Folder to Other Place

Recipe: In the tool box, on the "Folder" line, click "Move". The move page shows up. Click on the folder you want this folder to move under.

Explain: You don't have to worry about too much about whether you create a folder in a right place, because you can always move it somewhere else.

To Remove a Folder

Recipe: In the tool box, on the "Folder" line, click "Remove".

Explain: Once the folder is removed, you cannot recover from it. But if there is any page or folder under this folder you are trying to delete, you will not be able to click the "Remove" link at all, because it will not be a link under this circumstance. You will need to go down to each folder and page and remove or move them all before you can remove this folder.

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