One of the unique advantage of EasierWeb is its ability to enrich the web page with featurelets The featurelets are the components you use to construct your web page. The features can range from being very simple and very straight-forward to being quite complicated.

For example, in order to display the article in the page, you will need to include the featurelet "Text and Images", which is included by default. If you remove this featurelet from the page, no text and image will be displayed. Another example is that if you want to let your users write feedback to your page, you can include "User Comments" featurelet on the page. The user comment section will show up on the page and thus you can use the page to interact with viewers.

This mechanism is also used to customize your web site to include certain web applications that suits your own purpose.

Here is a list of available featurelets. Some of the featurelets can only be selected for the page content, some can only be selected for the "side bar", and others can be selected in both places.

Weblog: This featurelet make the page looks like a page that would show up on a web blogger. It uses the pages in the same folder and the sub-folders under it and display them in sequence based on the time of creation. You can do this in a page of any folder. The folder does not need to be the root folder. But if you do it in the root folder, you are making your whole site a blog.

Page in Folder: This featurelet is a Box in the page that has a list of links that point to each of the pages in the same folder. If you put this in a page that is set to be default page of the folder, it will show to the viewer the content of the folder when the folder link is click on the web site menu.

Folders and Pages: This featurelet is similar to "Page in Folder" but it also lists what are available under the immediate sub folder.

Comment: This featurelet is used to allow feedback from the viewers. The comments can have different threads or topics and be displayed as a list. When a topic is clicked, each post for the topic will be displayed in sequences.

Forum: This featurelet is similar to "Comment", but it is meant for turning your page into a discussion forum.

Latest Updates: This featurelet lists the top 20 latest updates from the site. When a page itself is updated, the title of the page is displayed. When a comment or a forum has a new post, it will display the title of the page that has the post and the subject of the topic itself.

User Online: This featurelet list all the users who has viewed a page in the last 30 minutes.

Display Only Text and Images

Recipe: Go to the editor for the page, make sure that under "Featurelet Selection for Page Content" featurelet "Text and Images" is selected and nothing else

Explain: If you don't have this item selected, you won't even have text for the page.

Display Who Is Online

Recipe: Go to the editor for the page, make sure that under "Featurelet Selection for Side Bar", select "User Online".

Explain: This featurelet can only be selected for the side bar.

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