Use Case: Nonprofit Organization

To see how EasierWeb fits into a non-profit organization's need for a web site, consider the following points. EasierWeb is designed to address all these issues.

Textual Information with a Few Pictures

A nonprofit organization's web site usually needs to provide textual information to educate the general public on what the organization is. This usually includes articles on the goal/objectives, histories, achievements, contact information and event calendar.

Interacting With Members

Depending on the nature of the organization, it is sometime critical to involve and interact with members. In this case, there is also a need to be able to create member discussion forum where members can post their articles or comments, with or without picture.

Update Easily and Frequently

A web site without frequent updates will lose its viewers' interests quickly. This is especially true for a nonprofit organization. An enthusiastic member would always want to see what is going on in the organization. In this case, the person(s) to update the website would preferably be the one who actually contribute to the web site, not some outsider, definitely not some paid web designers. This requires the web site be updated easily, by the insiders.

Organize Content Flow Properly

Even a small organization has many aspects of operation. A web site is bound to have many pages. It is important to put pages in their right places so that people can access them in the most expected places. This requires folders and sub-folders.

Have Proper Permission

Not everybody should have access to every part of the web site. A nonprofit organization usually has somebody in charge of the web site and then has other volunteers editing the web site. In order for the person(s) in charge have the real control of the web site, a proper permission scheme is definitely a must for a web site to operate smoothly.

Have Different People Managing Different Parts

A nonprofit organization usually does not have dedicated staff to work on the web site. The people who help update the web site come from different background and different taste of how the website should look. The web site should not allow a page being updated by anybody if the author does not want so. This makes it easy for people to work together. In the mean time, since the layout is controlled centrally, the integrity of the web site is maintained.

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