Small Business

To see how EasierWeb would be useful to a small business, let's consider the following scenario.

Catalog Publishing

One of most important tasks to publish on the Web is to market. Being able to publish a catalog of the products or services you are selling is the most basic requirement for a web site.

Textual Information With a Few Pictures

Small businesses need to let the public know who they are and what they do. It will also be necessary to publish the detail contact information.

Information for Limited Set of Customers

Not all information on the web is meant for everybody. Certain type of information is only available to some special group of people. For example, you are a wholesaler and you want to provide your dealers with information such as upcoming products, get sales forms or other printed materials. You might want to restrict the general public from seeing them.

Update Easily and Frequently

The market changes and your business must change accordingly. When the time comes for you to update the web site, you don't want to look for a web designer to update your web site. You want to be able to update the web site by yourself or somebody readily available. This requires the update mechanism to be intuitive and simple and with easy access.

Organized Content Flows Properly

For your viewers to get the message you try to convey with the web site, the web site must be easy to use and intuitive. The viewer must be able to locate different sets of information without too much difficulty. This requires the content to be organized properly, such as grouping web pages with folders and make them available.

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