Corporate Internal Use

Large corporations have their own intranet web sites. The purpose of these sites are to get different part of the organization know each other, provide online information on the services they provides and sometime provide these services directly online. To see how corporations can benefit from using EasierWeb to run these intranet web sites, let's look at the following issues.

One Web Site Address, Multiple Departments

Each department in a corporation operates separately from others. This means they need full control to the information and services they publish on the web site. On the other hand, they are all in one organization. This means these web sites should all be under the same web site address.

Textual Information With A Few Pictures

A departmental web site usually needs to provide textual information such as instruction on getting the services, news and events that just happened and more. Sometimes, a picture or two would be helpful. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say.

Update Easily and Frequently

Things in a department usually change rapidly. People inside a department may not have noticed because they are not the ones who made the changes. In order to keep up with the change, we need a easy way of update the web site so that the web site can be update frequently.

Organize Content Flow Properly

People in other departments are, humans and the busy kind too. In order to convey messages fast and smoothly, the web site must be intuitive and very organized.

With Permission Only

Each department is operating separately from others. To other departments, the information is only provided on a "need-to-know" basis. This requires a security mechanism to prevent classified information from leaking out.

Have Different People Managing Different Parts

A department in a corporation usually involves a group of people. Each of them has his/her own responsibility and may need to publish information on the web site separately. The web site should provide a way to let an author to prevent others from editing his/her pages.

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